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Emergency Room

When to choose an Emergency Room?

Emergency Room

Emergency Rooms in the US, are over crowded with patients. ER’s can care for virtually any problem, but are best suited for life threatening emergencies such as heart attacks, major trauma, unconsciousness, inability to breath and other  life threatening emergencies. The are crowded, expensive (most copays over $250.00) and often have long wait times. However, they are experts in emergency medicine often staffed (not always) by Board Certified Emergency Physicians.


When to Choose Advanced Urgent Care?

Advanced Urgent Care

Advanced Urgent Care / Emergency Physician Practices are a new concept in Healthcare. These facilities offer extensive services and are able to handle simple problems that standard urgent cares  can handle, but also very complex problems as such as appendicitis, chest pain and shortness of breath and many others.  Patients get the advantages and expertise of  Board Certified Emergency Physicians without the high cost and long wait of an Emergency Room. EmergencyMD is proud to be an Advanced Urgent Care.

Urgent Care

When to choose standard urgent care?

When to choose standard urgent care

Urgent Care is a good choice for simple problems such as school physicals, sinusitis and upper respiratory symptoms. they are generally quicker then an Emergency Room and less expensive but often lack the services, equipment and expertise of Advanced Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms. They are often staffed only by Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistant. Urgent Care’s generally have extended hours and weekend hours and offer walk in service without an appointment.They are often found in retail centers.

On Site – Services

EmergencyMDAdult and Pediatric Care
Unlike many other urgent cares who handle simple complaints EmergencyMD is fully equipped and able to handle the simplest to most complex medical problems. Our 14,ooo sq ft facility is staffed by Board Certified Emergency Physicians. It is not uncommon for us to handle Chest Pain, Strokes Major Fractures as well as colds cough and the flu.
Imaging Center
Imaging CenterRadiology
Our Modern, State of the Art facility houses a full imaging center including MRI, GE MultiSlice Helical CT Scanning, X-Ray and Portable Ultrasonography. These services are available 7 days a week with no appointment. Our services are a fraction of the price of smilar Hospital Based Services and we can pre certify on site.
LaboratoryClia Certified
Our fully accredited CLIA lab is onsite with results available in minutes instead of days. We will be able to give you results while you wait. We perform more onsite labs then any other urgent care in the Region. We can perform tests such as Hematology, Chemistry, Thyroid, Cardiac Testing, Cholesterol, Hormone and others.