Understanding and Discovering Heart Disease

Heart disease can affect anyone and any age. It is the number one cause of death. Early detection of heart disease can be life saving. Heart disease can take many forms. The most common type talked about is when the arteries that supply blood to the heart become narrow or blocked. If blood flow is blocked the heart cannot get the oxygen it needs to survive and it can begin to die. Cardiac CT can help to detect heart disease early on.

Frequently asked questions:

We are often asked what is the difference between CT Scanning and a Stress test? Each test has its pros and cons. CT scanning is quicker, often better at detecting disease and less radiation than certain stress tests. Stress testing however is often more readily available and when coupled with echocardiography can eliminate radiation altogether.
Those patients who are at moderate risk for heart disease stand to gain the most. Risk factors such as smoking, diabetes and high blood pressure are conditions that place patients at risk for heart disease.
EmergencyMD houses one of the most technologically advanced Cardiac CT scanners on the market. Our Nuesoft-64 high speed scanner employees 3D technology to give patients the piece of mind they need.

Cardiac CT

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Cardiac CT

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Cardiac CT

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