EmergencyMD Laboratory in Greenville South Carolina Nurse performing bloodwork


Our lab at EmergencyMD | Advanced Urgent Care is unlike any other lab in Greenville. We process our tests onsite, meaning that they are available within minutes. To top it all off, we have a physician on-site to review all tests immediately. You won’t have to wait days to see your physician for an interpretation. Our knowledgable and experienced staff can review your results on the same day.



Bloodwork at the Lab – EmergencyMD | Advanced Urgent Care is performed onsite using the latest technology. We use a Five-Part Hematology Analyzer to analyze blood samples for anemia and infection. Our lab analyzers are backed up by Medical Lab Technologist who will check your results under a microscope. We can test for Anemia, Low Platelets, and elevated White Blood Cell counts. Results are often available in 20 minutes or less.



Privacy is of the utmost importance in our lab here at EmergencyMD. Not only do we understand and follow all HIPPAA regulations, but we also put additional security measures in place. Due to these measures, you can rest assured that your private information remains that way. Patient samples are obtained in private and left in a hidden pass through. Only your provider will know what tests are being ordered. Whether running sexual health, drug screens, or simple blood tests, we never compromise the confidentiality of our patients.


Heart Disease

The Lab – EmergencyMD | Advanced Urgent Care knows the importance of testing. Heart disease is the leading cause of death and at our lab, we carry out a variety of heart-specific testing including

– Cardiac Enzymes

– Cholesterol

– Triglycerides



Our Lab Center tests for important labs specific to Men’s Health. Tests such as Prostate Specific Antigen, Testosterone, Vitamin – D, and sexual health including Syphilis and HIV can lay undetected for years.

– HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia

– Prostate Specific Antigen,

– Testosterone, Vitamin D



The Lab – EmergencyMD | Advanced Urgent Care is knowledgeable about Women’s Health. Our providers are adept at diagnosing diseases affecting women, pregnancy, and babies. At EmergencyMD, we test for…

-Pregnancy, Ectopic Pregnancy,

– Vaginal Complaints such as yeast and infection

– Bleeding and Pelvic Pain