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Dr. Christian Montagano
Dr. Christian MontaganoPhysician
I was at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine for four years. My favorite candy and movie are Reese’s and The Godfather. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and catnaps.

Felicia Tapp
Felicia TappNurse Practioner
South University is where I studied my graduate degree in Savannah, Georgia. My favorite candy and movie are Reese’s and Pride and Prejudice. Some of my hobbies include: traveling every chance I can and spending time with my children.
Julia Le
Julia LeMedical Assistant
I went to Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida. My favorite candy and movie are Kit-Kats and Kill Bill. I enjoying cooking and exercising when I can.
Courtney Dorsey
Courtney DorseyNurse Practioner
My favorite candy is a Heath Bar. Favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama. Favorite hobbies are traveling, being anywhere outdoors, and anything Christmas related!
Shelby Rawlins
Shelby RawlinsPhysician Assistant
My favorite candy is Starburst, favorite movie is Good Will Hunting, but I always love a good Disney movie, and as far as hobbies I love hanging out with my dog, checking out new restaurants, and cheering on UNC basketball.
 Dr. David Brancati, D.O, FACEP