EmergencyMD caters to patients without insurance or those patients with high deductibles who may choose not to submit their claim. We have three simple price categories to choose from. Those who pay their bill in full at the time of service are eligible for self-pay rates.

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PRICE TRANSPARENCY – The above table displays pricing for medical evaluation and treatment only. Additional costs may apply for radiology, laboratories, and procedures. EmergencyMD is confident they have the lowest pricing in the area and will always provide pricing upon request! Our goal is to reduce healthcare costs and provide incredible service, but it is not possible to list prices for the 14k medical code procedures and labs in the market.

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High Deductible?

EmergencyMD Advanced Urgent Care self-pay rates are positioned well below the normal charges health care providers submit to insurances. Many patients with high deductible plans choose the self-pay option at the time of service and submit their claims later to their insurance companies. This is one way to be sure patients can get the very best pricing.

What is a Co-Pay

A copay is the amount of money a patient is expected at the time of a visit. EmergencyMD Advanced urgent care collects co-pays at the time of the visit but as a specialist, many insurances do not require a co-pay. You can check your insurance card to determine if you will have a co-pay.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount of money a patient is responsible for before full benefits kick in. (For example, a patient with a $6500 dollar deductible would be expected to pay out of pocket healthcare costs up to $6500. So if your doctor’s bill is 6400.00 which is easily reachable in a hospital visit, then you the patient will be expected to pay.) Patients with high deductibles, therefore, are looking for value and quality pricing. Just like self-pay patients, patients with high deductible insurance often choose to settle their bill in full at the time of service and take advantage of deep discounts.