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Advanced Urgent Care is a new category of healthcare that features all of the traditional services of standard walk in urgent cares plus advanced services such as ultrasonography, ct-scanning, IV therapy and monitoring.

For life or limb threats dial 911. For Everything Else there is EmergencyMD.

At EmergencyMD you will be seen by Board Certified Emergency Physicians practicing in an Ambulatory Care setting. With a combined 28 years of adult and pediatric trauma and medical experience, advanced diagnostics and state of the art facility, allow EmergencyMD to care for much more complex patients than a standard Urgent Care.


Your 4 year old boy has right lower quadrant stomach pain and its Christmas Eve. Your pediatrician suspects appendicitis and advises you to go to the ER since there is nowhere else to go. While at the ER you will likely experience long wait times, poor customer service and very high co-pays. A doctor might not even see you.

 Now with EmergencyMD Advanced Urgent Care located in your community your child can be evaluated in 29 minutes or less by a Board Certified Emergency Physician at 1/10th the cost. In the above example labs will be drawn, an IV started, pain medications given and an ultrasound completed. Depending on the results a Board certified Surgeon or specialist can be consulted and your child admitted to the hospital of your choice.

This service and expertise won’t be found at standard urgent cares.

REMEMBER – We are not an ER and if you think you’re having a immediate life threatening emergency such as a stroke or heart attack. DIAL 911.