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EmergencyMD Advanced Urgent Care received its accreditation from the American College of Radiology (ACR). Patients can be assured they will receive imaging certified by the most stringent of standards.

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What is an X-Ray?

X-RAY imaging is a fast, safe, and painless procedure used to visualize structures inside the body. This makes it an extremely effective way for us to look at fractured bones, such as a broken arm or wrist. X-RAYS can also be used to examine organs and identify problems. For example, an X-RAY can highlight a lung infection such as pneumonia.

This works became X-RAYS are a subset of something called Electromagnetic (EM) waves. While this may sound complicated, you are actually already familiar with a different kind of EM wave: Visible Light. You know from daily experience that light is blocked by walls but passes through glass. X-RAYS behave in a similar manner, passing through skin but stopping whenever they encounter bone. This creates a pattern where soft areas show up dark and dense areas appear white. The final image is a snapshot of your body’s interior, visualizing problems that would have otherwise been invisible.

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Fast, Convenient X-Rays

In order to ensure high quality service, we employ our own in-house radiographers, all of whom are certified by the American College of Radiology. Our technicians have had years of experience and formal training working with X-Ray and CT equipment. This ensures that you will not only receive professional imaging results, but also a seamless and comfortable experience throughout your stay.

Here at EmergencyMD, we have all of our X-Ray equipment on site. This allows us to take an X-Ray, review the results, and treat the underlying problem before you leave the building. We will even burn the results to a CD for you to take home.

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X-Ray Safety

As with any form of radiological imaging, you will be exposed to radiation. However, X-Rays used for medical purposes are safe due to the extremely low dosages you will receive. Professionals who want to quantify the specific amount of radiation absorbed by the human body use a unit of measurement called the millisievert (mSv). Below are some examples from The Guardian and RadiologyInfo.org that you can use as points of reference.

  • An X-Ray of a limb – 0.001mSv
  • Yearly Radiation Exposure – 2.00 mSv
  • Lowest dose where an increase in cancer becomes evident – 100 mSv

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X-Ray Radiation

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