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Family Owned & Expertly Operated

EmergencyMD was Founded in 2014 with the mission to deliver expert medical care at affordable prices. Staffed by expert Emergency Physicians and personnel we serve to bridge the gap between Standard Urgent Care and Emergency Departments


Our Medical Team

Okay Lets Face it………

We’re not cute enough to be in this photo. But we are experts in our field. Doctors, Nurses, Medical Assistants, and Radiology Technicians. You get the idea !


The expertise of an Emergency Room.

Our Board Certified Physicians have practiced Emergency Medicine in Level 1 Trauma Centers for over 50 years combined. They are residency trained and experts in Urgencies and Emergencies from Birth through Death. We will never turn a patient away because they are too ill. We vow to start your care quicker and more conveniently then any Emergency Room.

EmergencyMD Hybrid Emergency Dept
19.99 Flu Shots Greenville SC
The Expertise of Emergency Physicians

At the cost of standard urgent care.

Did you know the average copay for an emergency department is over $200.00 dollars. At EmergencyMD our ENTIRE average visit is under $200 dollars. MAny don’t even have a copay.

EmergencyMD accepts most Insurances and we even have deeply discounted rates for those without insurance.

Come find out what 30,000 patients a year are talking about !

Take Your Healthcare To The Next Level

Let us change the way you view a visit to the urgent care. A new concept to meet today’s demands. A fraction of the costs then an Emergency Room, same short wait time and convenience of an urgent care. We deliver care when you need it how you want it. Best of yet were there 7 days a week. Rain or shine.

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We Love our Jobs

Little boy showing muscles

“I’m drinking my milk to get strong but its nice to know they are there when i get my first bike or maybe a trampoline”

# Daring Child, EmergencyMD Future Patient

It’s nice to know EmergencyMD is there for our workers.

Zachary Johnson, Xiphoid Logistics

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