Spine, Neck and Back Pain Care

Spine, Neck & Back Pain Care

At EmergencyMd we understand that Bad and Neck Pain can be debilitating. Finding a doctor can also be challenging. At EmergencyMD we can evaluate and treat you the same day. Just walk in! No appointment needed.

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EmergencyMD Advanced Urgent Care is open 7. days. a week with two convenient locations. We routinely offer patients Spine, Neck & Back Pain Care. Our onsite locations in Greenville, SC, and Boiling Springs, SC have onsite services including MRI, CT, Xray,  Ultrasound, Lab, and IV and sedation services. We also have onsite Pharmacy and Dentistry in Greenville and Physical Therapy in Boiling Springs. We accept most insurances and are often Tier 1 providers. Board Certified Emergency Physicians are present during all hours.

Why Are We The Best?

Our mission is to provide an alternative to the high costs and long wait times of the Emergency Department. Our physicians are Board-certified in. Emergency Medicine with years of experience working in a hospital based ER’s. Now you. can access them in private. practice without the long wait, inconvenience or high cost of hospital based. care. We offer all. the services of standard urgent care plus many others.

At. EmergencyMD we focus on quality, cost, and convenience. We are not cheap but certainly less expensive than other options. We can diagnose your back pain or neck pain and get you to a specialist if needed.

We promise to see our patients quickly and efficiently and to focus on saving patients money. An appointment is never needed.  We offer transparent pricing for not only those without insurance but also those with insurance but high deductibles.

 neck pain

Neck Pain

EmergencyMD doctors are Board Certified and trained to diagnose and treat neck and back pain. Try us today!

back pain

Back Pain

Our team understands how painful back pain and sciatica can be to a patient.  From comfortable stretches to compassionate caregivers many turn to us for support.

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EmergencyMD doctors are backed by the latest technology including MRI, X-Ray and Ultrasound to help diagnose the cause of your back pain. No appointment needed.

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EmergencyMD Advanced urgent Care

At a fraction of the cost and. low wait times come see what. our patients are talking about!
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