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EmergencyMD physicians are Board Certified and trained to care for Adults. Each of our physicians have over 10,000 hours of practice in Hospital Emergency Departments. EmergencyMD Physicians are capable of handling the simplest to the most complex medical complaints.

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Advanced Urgent Care

Unlike standard Urgent Care’s and so called “Doc in a Box” facilities Advanced Urgent Care offers true expertise at the same or better pricing. We offer a wider range of services and more complex ones such as conscious sedation for painful procedures, IV therapy, and intensive monitoring in addition to the standard urgent care services.

Insurances We Accept at EmergencyMD


Many urgent cares are not comfortable with kids especially Newborns. Our Board Certfied Emergency Physicians are specifically trained in pediatric and Adolescent medicine and have cared for thousands or infants, toddlers and adolescents including those with life threatening illness. Being a parent is difficult. Not sure where to go? Give us a call or walk right in!!

EmergencyMD offers a full array of services. Unlike standard Doctors offices or Urgent Cares

Results are available on site…

while you wait and often in minutes, our physicians are right there to discuss the results!!!!!

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X-Ray’s are relatively inexpensive tests that allow a physician a look inside your body. X-rays are not good for everything, but are excellent for some problems especially broken bones. Our physicians are experts on interpreting your X-rays and results are available in minutes. Our digitized X-RAYs can be electronically transmitted to your primary care doctor or specialist if needed.

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Unlike standard doctor’s offices and urgent care’s EmergencyMD has a fully certified Moderate Complexity laboratory. A complex Laboratory reduces the need for send outs and to wait on results. We offer a wide array of testing on site with results in minutes.



A CT – SCAN is a radiologic test that gives physicians a more detailed look into your body. Our CT-SCANNER is available on site and our images are overread by a Board Certified Radiologist, electronically. This allows us to care for you under one roof. Results are available in minutes instead of days and with advanced diagnostics the likelihood of being referred to an ER is low.