Travel Medicine

Traveling abroad can be both exciting and intimidating. At EmergencyMD we follow the current Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for travel medicine. We can keep you and your family safe from illness.

Many of the diseases encountered are unique to various regions and foreign countries. It is essential to be properly immunized before heading on your trip.

Diseases such as Malaria, Encephalitis, and Yellow Fever can be life-threatening. Our Travel Medicine Consultation will review common diseases, discuss prevention, and inform on what to do if illness strikes. We spend time educating you and your family on what to expect.

We’re experienced both as providers and as travelers with many adventurers on our staff.

Why Are We The Best?

$60.00 consultation includes physical, education, prescriptions and consultation. The only additional charges are for the vaccines themselves and vary based on the price and number of vaccines needed.

We have some of the best pricing in the industry. We also include a virtual doctors visit by phone or Skype if you get sick oversees.

Our modern 14,000sq ft building was constructed in 2015. The spacious facility is located at 2498 N. Pleasantburg Drive at the base of Montebello and in the Cherrydale area of Greenville, SC. We offer free Wi-FI and parking as well as a portico for bad weather. Stop in today.
Our Doctors are experts not only in prevention but also treatment. Our Board Certified Emergency Physicians evaluate over 12,000 cases per year and see cases of malaria and other tick and mosquito born illnesses. Rest assured EmergencyMD can care for you and your family.

Malaria Travel Vaccinations