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About Us – EmergencyMD | Advanced Urgent Care

Welcome To EmergencyMD

About Us – EmergencyMD | Advanced Urgent Care

EmergencyMD is the only Advanced Urgent Care in South Carolina. Advanced Urgent Care is a new concept in healthcare and a hybrid between urgent cares and Emergency Rooms. Most urgent cares can deliver care for basic problems such as fevers, colds, sore throats simple lacerations and other common problems. Emergency Rooms on the other hand can handle simple problems but also very complex problems and even those that are life threatening.

EmergencyMD bridges the gap between Emergency Rooms and Urgent Cares providing advanced care for sever illness and injury. All of our physicians are Board Certified in Emergency Medicine with Level I Trauma Center Experience. They are backed by the latest in technology including a full onsite lab and radiology suite including MRI, CT,XRAY, FLUORO and Ultrasound.

Unlike Emergency Rooms we offer expert care at Urgent C are pricing. Many times our total bill is less that the typical ER copay. Read on to Learn More. If you want the expertise of experienced ER physicians without the cost or wait time of emergency rooms then EmergencyMD is the only choice.

Who Is EmergencyMD

Our Mission is to provide patients seeking emergency care with the same expertise as hospital based emergency departments, but without the high cost and long wait times of Emergency Rooms.

Patients seeking Emergency Care can be frightened by the high costs of emergency rooms and the intimidating and often cold feeling of hospital based emergency departments. Our doctors wanted to create a warm and friendly environment where patients could get a better value for their money. Healthcare isn’t cheap, but our model proves it can be done less expensively.We welcome all patients to experience the EmergencyMD experience and learn more about Advanced Urgent Care.

EmergencyMD promises that its care will be delivered at a fraction of the price of similar based care at the Hospital. We strive to keep costs down through aggressive negotiations with vendors. We’re at the forefront of a new health care deliver model.

EmergencyMD satisfaction rates speak for themselves. We deliver outstanding care and track our success against other providers in the region and nation and am proud to boast we are on par with the best.

Our Advanced Services

  • Board Certified Emergency Physicians

  • Onsite Laboratory

  • Onsite CT Scan / X-RAY / Ultrasound / MRI

  • Advanced Procedures

Meet Our Owners

Dr. David Brancati
Dr. David BrancatiChief Executive Officer
Dr. Brancati is a Board Certified Emergency Physician as well as a Life Flight Physician with over 17 years of experience. He has had no malpractice cases for greater then >10years of Emergency Medicine and treating and estimated 75 thousand patients. A former Emergency Department Chair and EMS director Dr. Brancati serves as cofounder and CEO.
Dr. Jason Blasenak
Dr. Jason BlasenakChief Medical Officer
Dr. Jason Blasenak is a former Emergency Department Director and Chair with over 12 years of experience and no malpractice cases. A former defensive lineman, serial entrepreneur, husband and proud father of two Dr Blasenak serves as Chief Medical officer.

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