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Letter from our CEO.

Dear Families:

Throughout this Covid-19 crisis, EmergencyMD has and will remain open to our patients, their familes and our community. As Emergency Physicians and emergency caregivers we take an oath to serve and we are here to serve during this pandemic and  public health crisis. Emergency Rooms are overrun with patients and EmergencyMD has been hit with a large number of calls from concerned patients..

We want to reassure our patients that we’ve remained open fully functional. EmergencyMD has put in place a number of processes to assure we remain healthy and continue as a  safe and efficient place for patients to receive care.

Rest assured, we are working closely with state agencies and local hospitals to remain up to date on the latest news and medical guidelines. We have ordered covid 19 test kits and will notify once they arrive. Additionally, We have taken precautions to help our families to care for them while at home. Our biggest concern is not Corona itself but the apprehension our patietns have in coming to our facility with other conditions. We want to ensure everyone we have taken steps to prevent the spread and you should not stay away out of fear. Below are some of our processes to assure safety.

  1. All potential corona patients are screened prior to entering the facilty
  2. Any corona patients identified are speparated, masked and placed in isolation
  3. We are using UV lights to disinfect
  4. Corona testing on order.


David S. Brancati D.O., FACEP

Founder and Chief Executive Officer